JoSAA 2nd round Opening and Closing Rank

JoSAA 2nd round Opening and Closing Rank: The higher secondary schools will conduct the common exams for the students. The higher studies for those people will be nothing but the colleges. Some will prefer to use the engineering colleges. The Participating engineering colleges for JoSAA are huge in numbers. Among that, the students have to select the best one. But if they use the JoSAA, they will not have any confusion. Since this is nothing but the JoSAA counselling for the students to place them on the right set of engineering colleges. They can easily choose this exam which is available on the online sites.

JoSAA 2nd round Opening and Closing Rank

JoSAA 2nd round opening and closing rankThe JoSAA will be conducted at every year for school students. Due to the huge numbers of engineering colleges, they have to place the students without leaving empty. But at the same time, the students should be seated in the right colleges. Here, the students can get only the standard colleges, so that they can get the assurance for their studies.

Before registering into the JoSAA counselling, the students should know about the quality of the colleges. They have to make sure in selecting the colleges and the courses to be seated. Without knowing them, they cannot be seated at the counselling.

How the JoSAA 2nd round opening and closing rank will be declared

There are six rounds of the JoSAA counselling. Thus the students who forget to register at the first round can make use of some other rounds. There will not be any issues in registering at any other rounds. Since, there are no changes in any round. Once, they want to register for the counselling they can visit the JoSAA official websites. The online registration is simple and easy compared to any other registration. The candidates should attach the required details to the official sites. If they left out any one of the document, the candidate will not be under the counselling.

Click Here to check required document format for 1st round allotment.

JoSAA 2nd round cut off ranks

The documents of the candidates will be checked twice by the counseling board members. Since there should not be any fake copy in the document. If it so, they will be disqualified to attend the counselling. The rank of the candidate will be calculated to the verified candidates. The JoSAA 2nd round opening and closing rank will be either calculated by the JoSAA cut off marks of the main subjects or by the marks scored in the higher secondary exams. The JEE main rank list will be mostly listed by the cut off marks. The cut off marks will be varied every year according to the total marks of the students.

And also to avoid the competition, the rank list is prepared by the cut off marks. The cut off marks can be summed and averaged to the main subjects. Once the result of the fixed, JoSAA cut off marks for a 2nd round 2018 will be posted on the official website. The candidate can refer to the online sites to know about the range of the cut off marks calculated in this year. According to that, they will segregate the candidates by a rank list. The candidates can also get their 2nd round opening and closing rank on the official website. They can take as PDF form by downloading them on the official sites.

If you are still having some doubts, Then feel free to contact JoSAA Helpline or read JoSAA FAQs.

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  1. If i got EC in nit trichy in first as well as in second round then whether i have to report again at any nit for documents verification or not.

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