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JoSAA 2018 Eligibility Criteria – Available Here

JoSAA Eligibility Criteria: The collaboration of The Central Seat Allocation Board (CSAB ) and the Joint Admission Board ( JAB ) who were conducting the JEE counselling on their own terms and levels are together organised as JoSSA that is the Joint seat allocation authority in the year 2018. Also, there is a great news ahead for the […]

JoSAA 2018 Important dates {Schedule}

JoSAA 2018 Important dates: Every year, the students who passed their +2 exams will think to get the seats in the right colleges. This is happened in the formal manner by means of counselling. The students who want the seats in the NIT’s, IIT’s, and CIFT’s should look after the JoSAA counselling. The JoSAA is the […]

JoSAA 2018 Certificate Formats {Download PDF}

JoSAA 2018 Certificate Format: This is one of the common counselling boards which are conducted for the higher secondary students to place at the right set of colleges for their higher studies. This counselling board is purely meant for the student who shows their interest in joining the engineering colleges. The IIT’s, NIIT’s and CIFT’s kind […]

JoSAA 2018 Reporting Centers

JoSAA 2018 Reporting Centers: JoSAA conducts an entrance examination for engineering students each and every year and this exam is followed in 2 phases. JoSAA can be also recognized as mutual memorandum made by authorities for controlling and regulating the admission processes in IITs, ISM, IIITs, NITs, GFTI etc. There are various categories of seat groups […]

JoSAA 2018 Seat Allotment (Seat Allocation)

JoSAA 2018 Seat Allotment : The term JoSAA has the collaborated by JAB (Joint Allocation Board) and CSAB (Central Seat Allocation Board). The JoSAA is referred as the Joint Seat Allocation Authority. The main aim of this collaboration is to provide the students to admit in the best engineering colleges. There are huge JoSAA participating engineering […]

JoSAA 2018 1st Round Allotment dates – results

JoSAA 2018 1st Round Allotment dates – results: The term JoSAA is nothing but the Joint Seat Allocation Authority. This is an exam which usually helps the students who passed their higher secondary level in their schooling. The exam board will conduct the exams for every year to the students. The main aim of the exam […]

JoSAA 2018 4th Round counselling – Allotment result

JoSAA 2018 4th Round counselling – Allotment result: The JoSAA will be conducted at every year to the students who passed their higher secondary exams. Most of the students will dream to join in the engineering areas. So, they have to be sure in selecting the good engineering institution among the plenty of colleges. They can […]

JoSAA 2018 2nd Round Allotment Dates & Results

JoSAA 2018 2nd Round Allotment Dates & Results: The counselling of JEE was conducted individually by JAB (Joint Seat Allocation Board) & CSAB (Central Seat Allocation Board) before 2015 but from 2015 onwards the counselling will be done by JoSSA as both JAB and CSAB have united together and they have their representatives on the authority […]

What is JoSAA {Joint Seat Allocation Authority} ?

JoSAA is the acronym for Joint Seat Allocation Authority. It is a memorandum of agreement that was signed to standardize and control the admission procedure in 80 top-tier colleges of India. It was signed between the Joint Admission Board, Joint Entrance Admission, Central Seat Allocation Board, and other partly or fully central or State-funded technical […]

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