JoSAA 2018 Seat Allotment (Seat Allocation)

JoSAA 2018 Seat Allotment : The term JoSAA has the collaborated by JAB (Joint Allocation Board) and CSAB (Central Seat Allocation Board). The JoSAA is referred as the Joint Seat Allocation Authority. The main aim of this collaboration is to provide the students to admit in the best engineering colleges. There are huge JoSAA participating engineering colleges are there in the country. JoSAA 2018 seat allotment will be done in June-July 2018 In order to avoid the confusion, the students can take part in the JoSAA. It is one of the common platforms where the students can easily admit in the best colleges. By this way, they can completely avoid the multi reservation of seats by candidates.

JoSAA 2018 Seat Allotment

JoSAA 2016 Seat AllotmentThe +2 students will undergo the common public exams for their academic. Only those students will think to join in the engineering colleges. So, this JoSAA is completely running for the +2 students. There are some eligible requirements are followed to apply for these counselling. There are as follows.

  • The candidate should score high marks in their +2 exams.
  • The candidate should apply and attend the JEE main 2018 exams.
  • The high score is required for the JEE main exam also.
  • The ranks of JEE main exam will be used to join at the NIT, IIIT, IIT, GFTI.

These are the basic requirements to consider under the eligibility factors. If they have this qualification, they can apply for the JoSAA counselling happening at every year.

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 Factors to be Considered for JoSAA 2018 seat allotment

There are many engineering colleges are offered in the counseling. The candidate has full liberty to choose their academic programs according to their desire. Before providing the JoSAA 2018 seat allotment, the selected choices of the candidates will be considered once. These selected choices will be filled by the candidate during the registration of JoSAA counselling. So, there are some basic factors to consider before they allocate the seat to the candidate. They are listed as below.

  • The category which candidate holds will be considered.
  • The rank position of the candidate among the JEE rank list will be checked.
  • The priority level of academic programs listed by the candidate will be verified.
  • The availability of seats provided by colleges based on the categories will be revised.
  • The business rules finalized by the JoSAA.

The common factors have to be noted, while JoSAA 2018 seat allotment is mentioned above. The board members will go through these points at the seat allocation of every candidate. This will help to avoid the mess in seat allotments.

JoSAA 2018 Seat Category

The seats of the engineering college will be provided to the candidates based on their marks scored by them. Apart from these marks, they also look after the seat category of the candidates. This is because that, every college has allotted the seat quota for the category base. Thus the candidates will be allotted to colleges only after verifying the availability of seat quota in every college. Then in the final stage, the JoSAA will consider the JoSAA seat matrix to fill the seats of the engineering colleges.

If you are still having some doubts, Then feel free to contact JoSAA Helpline or read JoSAA FAQs.

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  1. Please provide the Seat Matrix for admission in B.Tech Biotechnology programme in 2017 through JOSAA in NITs and IITs

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